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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


So I've always been tempted to get a pair of New Balance. I agree it looks good. Especially on guys. But physically, the shoe is not flattering for girls who just want to streamline their body. But maybe one day I would get it. I don't know. The shoe-whore in me can never say never. But anyway, I'm so glad to have this pair of Nike Air Max Light!

I love how it has a sharper head. Definitely a must for all my shoes. I can't wear rounded heads. Also, I'm pretty please with the extra height! And it's actually quite comfortable. Haven't actually tried on for one full day yet though.

In addition, I received my Huf cap too! Okay here's a list of my current brand obsession:

Herschel Supply Co.
Nike Air Max
Nasty Gal
Jeffrey Campbell

*heart-shaped eyes in progress*

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hello Japan! (Day 2)

1st Full Day In Kyoto

Woke up at 0430am. Yes, I must be crazy. Well, the way I rationale with myself is that I don't want to crowd with the rest and snap photos. It'll never look nice! So damn right that I went to Arashiyama early in the morning. It was really really cold though. Doesn't look like it but even with gloves, I'm still freezing!

Arashiyama is a straight forward ride from Kyoto station. About 15mins. I went to see the Path of Bamboos. Okay here's the thing, it is not as impressive as what I saw and read online. It's just mediocre, you can skip this. Reason being, it's not as dense as I thought it is. Hence, it lacks the spectacular effects.

After which, when back to ryokan and it's time to move on to the backpackers! K's House Kyoto has been amazing. I love how clean and how informative the place is. Although it is a bit of a walk from Kyoto station (approx 20mins), I would certainly booked it again if I were to stay at backpackers!

Check in hours are 3pm. Rental of towel 100yen. Bunk bed or Singles are available. But book ahead of schedule! This place gets fully booked. I changed dorms twice during my stay there. I met new people too and it's so refreshing speaking to people with different background. And how two strangers can talk to animately to each other. Met some girls and guys and they were ALL nice.

After leaving my luggage I went to the Kyoto Tourist Information Center at the station. Over there, you get all the necessary english pamphlets to navigate the city. You really need the bus guide! Bus is the main mode of transport in Kyoto. 230yen for any ride/ any distance within the city. 500yen for one-day unlimited bus pass.

First attraction at Kyoto was the Kiyomizu-Dera Temple. It's an uphill climb to the temple (entrance fee needed). With the streets lined with Kyoto confectionery. The atmosphere is contagious. Everyone seems eager to get to the temple filled with sakuras!

I love the place. There's plenty of photos to shoot and seats with views of the city are available at the top. So basically you can just chill with the pretty flowers. Nice right! You'll probably give yourself at least a few hours at this place. One of the must-sees in Kyoto (according to me, lol) 

Look how gorgeous the sceneries were!

Bought this super hot tea from the vending machine and I was so shocked by it. Really hot! But perfect for the weather!? I think you can put it inside your jacket and keep warm. Hah.

Spotted my favourite senbei! I love senbei is all flavours and sizes. But I didn't get much snacks this round because I didn't thought I'll overload my luggage with clothes.

One thing to note, when travelling in spring, autumn and winter. I really think you need to get at least 30kg for check-in baggage! (the clothes I brought there were already 16kg for spring, tsk tsk)

After which, it was to Kodaiji Temple. Nothing special there I think. Because since I don't remember anything about it, I guess it just shows how unimpressive it is right. Haha.

The adorable illustrated map. I covered most of this in a day!

Pigeons(?) flying round and round at Maruyama Park.

Next, Maruyama Park! The one with the hundred years one weeping cherry blossom tree as the centre piece. I love this place too! Very scenic and the excitement buzz is in the air and various people were having hanami parties.

There's lots of cherry blossom trees here!

There's unobstructed views of sakura all around the park. Some of the cherry blossom go all the way down to eye-level, so you can take a good look at them! This, is the also one of the must-sees in Kyoto!

After which, it was Yasaka Shrine. Nothing much I can remember about it except that it's in red colour. Haha.

Ramen dinner from one of my favourite stall at Kyoto Station. So yummy!
Shoyu Ramen is always my first choice!


Next I took a long time to find the Shijo Avenue. Which basically was right in front of Yasaka Shrine (faints) But it's okay. I like walking in Kyoto. It makes me feel like I'm burning my calories/cellulite away. I especially love uphill climbs. The aches you have on your thighs feels so good?! Okay, probably there's no one else that like this. (Oh well!)

Shijo Avenue is just another street lined with "proper" stalls selling Kyoto confectionary.

Next was to Gion. Not sure if I was in the right place but I saw a Maiko (authentic a not, I don't know) and it's kinda boring. Just lots of shops with closed doors. Some selling food, some says dance (culture dance perhaps?) So I don't really fancy it.

Okay the end. Can you imagine how shag I must be?! Out for a good 12hours!


Day 3 next!