Sunday, June 28, 2015


So, same-sex marriage is legalised in America now!

Here's what I think. Firstly, I'm so proud of many people celebrating "pride". At least it shows that people these days are more open and accepting of things outside of social norms. To me, I've come to a point of understanding why some people fall for the same sex. It might just be the same as loving that female friend of yours unconditionally. The support you need is there, so is the love. And perhaps, being the same gender, you "get" each other easily compared to opposite genders. Like what they say, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

I've never met a gay person that I hate so much. On the contrary, I know this particular person, R, who I adore so much. He makes me laugh like mad and sometimes he's sweet, sometimes he simply don't give a f* what others think. I miss him dearly that's for sure.

I'm not sure why some religions are taking this so badly, maybe I've a free thinker that's why. People should mind their own business unless it's something that kills or harms anyone. I don't see anything bad about this actually. Except for the fact that maybe there'll be less babies and less hot guys available in the market. (HAH) Anyway, I'm just glad that's how I see things. To us, we believe in whatever we want to believe. And this to me is the perfect "religion".

So the point is, no matter what gender you are, love wins. Go pursue your happiness. X

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Book: Girl With All The Gifts by M. R. Carey

I'm glad I'd picked this up during one of my latest crazy book haul. With me bagging home almost 10 different novels. This book in particular is awesome. I finished it within 4 days! It's a thriller, nothing too horrific that I couldn't stomach (thank god). So I googled it immediately after I'm finished with it and I'm so glad they are making a film out of this! Half-way through it I could already see it being on screen.

I have no idea why I'm having mild palpitations from reading this. I guess it's just a really good postapocalyptic thriller. You know how difficult it is to stumble upon a worthy book? So yeah, I thought I'd just say something about it here.

Go google the synopsis. I don't have the ability yet to review a book. LOL

Friday, June 19, 2015

Best Thing I Read Today

"While your friends were busy planting roots, you were busy sowing wild oats. 
But, would you have had it any other way? 
Granted, you don’t hate your life and have many experiences you wouldn’t trade for the world, but you probably wouldn’t choose an alternate path. 
Everyone has his or her own pace, own paths and own stories to write. Why would you want to write the same story as someone else? 
You have to focus on yourself because nobody can write your story but you. Social comparisons are a lose-lose situation because there will always be people you are jealous of and admire. 
You have zero control over them. The only thing you can control is what you do with your time. 
So, do you spend it working on your own life? Or do you spend it worrying what everybody else is up to? 
Stop competitively scrolling Facebook and eavesdropping on the success and love lives of others. Just concentrate on running your own race. 
The ones who end up losing the race are usually those who spend too much of their time looking over at the other racers. Just put your head down and go." -elitedaily

Hello! I'm back from Hong Kong (at long last) and this piece of article simply speaks to me on so many levels. I cannot understand why others compare their lives with the people who they think are living life so much better than them. Firstly, no matter how rich you are, there will always be someone wealthier than you. Personally, I find that being contented with what you have is the key to happiness. If you know me, you'll know that one thing I value more than others is "happiness".

I find it funny when one day we were talking and my brother says "You also don't want money." I laughed. And thought to myself "Damn, he knows." Look, I know money is essential. But I don't need lots of it. I'm comfortable where I am now. I don't have to compete with others, who at my age probably is starting a business or holding a high rank at some company. Well, good for you. I wish I can do that but right now, that's not for me. And I'm okay with it.

At the end of the day, like what the article said, everyone has his or her own pace, own paths and own stories to write.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wednesday Blues

Is it just me? Or like do people have conflicting thoughts about posting filtered photo or the original photos? Oh f* it. Just whatever you like right.*

*those random thoughts you have when you feel unwell

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Today's Word Vomit.

Today's string of incoherent thought: f
*ing feels like I've twisted my wrist. I wonder when can I have at least 8hrs of sleep. Must make time for nothing one day.

I have tons of drafted post accumulating right here. But it's always half complete (whatever). So here's the word vomit for today (lately I like writing down whatever that comes to mind). I really do think that everyone's journey is a different one. We shouldn't be doing things for the sake of being in line with the "standard timeline". Although it pisses me off when I do get annoyed with myself trying to explain to people why I'm doing the things I'm doing and at the same time it feels like I'm doing something wrong. It's always there. That small negativity. I wish I didn't have that. But you know, reality is a bitch. And maybe, because we are only humans. Even though you know what is right for yourself, but you just can't seem to get away completely from what people thinks of you. Or what YOU think people thinks of you. There I said it.

Can't deny that I'm a super positive person. But hell yeah I do feel that way.

Being at this age though, I'm more comfortable with myself than before. On the road to becoming 100% of not giving a damn to what people thinks.* In certain ways, I don't take shit from anyone. Sometimes I think of the things that used to be right and how pity it was to let it go because things weren't right anymore. Some things/people are meant to stay in your life, while others are simply not meant to be. Letting go of the source of unhappiness is probably one of the stuff I learnt in the recent years. Everyone should try that.

*Not gonna happen. But hopefully somewhere close enough.

And so, with an overwhelming urge, I just have to say to those friends I have with me now. I love you guys. You're awesome despite everything. (inserts love emoji)

Friday, June 5, 2015


5. Without trust, there is no relationship. 
If you do not trust your partner, then you should not be with them. End of story. Trust is one of the, if not THE, most important building blocks in a relationship. This ties back in to the communication aspect – if you are communicating with each other, then there should be no doubts and trust issues. You won’t feel the need to know what your partner is doing, who they are with, etc. if you trust them, because you know they are 100% committed to you. So, instead of expending time and energy worrying and overthinking things, make sure your lines of communication are open and the trust will grow from there. -thoughtcatalog

how funny this seems to be speaking to me. it's kinda sad but when can I finally trust? #flawedbuthappy #happyfriday!