Sunday, August 30, 2015

Read of the day: Idea of loving someone

So what happens when you fall in love with the idea of someone?
It feels like you’re in love, but it eventually fades. He or she becomes a memory, sometimes, a lesson. But it doesn’t mean it hurts any less. In fact, it may hurt more.
The idea you constructed in your mind is fabricated. It isn’t real. It is a person your imagination created.
You try to rationalize it the best you can, but you can’t. You can’t blame him because he wasn’t who you thought he was and he was never that person in the first place.
After a while, we notice the flaws. We notice the red flags and realize it wasn’t love. It was infatuation, which can be just as confusing.
The crazy part about all of this is we really don’t know what love is. Love just is. We’re still learning. After all the years we’ve been on this planet, the one thing that’s kept the world thriving is still a mystery.
It is the best mystery that may never be solved.

Monday, August 10, 2015

About Fears

Always Be Brave

That's the tagline I have on my whatsapp. I actually love that line. It reminds me at times to just be brave. Obviously I haven't been brave enough. And I mean in all aspects of life. Be it love or adventures.

It got me thinking, where's the end point? What are you trying to prove? How brave do you want to be? To be honest, I was quite surprised to find that there's nothing to prove. Right now, it's more like always be brave and go for what you want. Being mindlessly brave for nothing is quite sad isn't it. I used to think I'd want to do bungee jumping just to challenge myself but truth be told, I'm pretty much scared shitless to do it. Even imagining it is soooooooo crazy. I have a slight preference for adventurous stuff. But this, seems to be a whole new league for me. What if I do have a fear of heights?! But nah, I wanna go back to Tokyo and conquer all the roller coasters at FujiQ (excited!)

With this new mindset, my bucket list or rather my to-do-list has been modified. I no longer wanna do that stupid bungee jumping. I can't. There, I said it. But I might still wanna try sky diving though! I wanna do things that means something to me. Things that I enjoy, things that I like. Not what everyone else says I must do. I want to WANT it. I have no interest in aurora lights. No feel to visit the Venice. You feel me? Lol

Life is more fulfilling that way isn't it? (:
And, I still don't wanna watch horror films.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Europe 2014, Milan, Italy, Day 05

Day 5
Early walk to Lake Brienz. But we didn't reached the destination due to our train schedule. However, manage to catch the iridescent green lake still! Very very gorgeous I tell you. Also there's sunrise with misty surrounding against the mountains.

To Milan next, I don't have a very good impression of Milan. Especially near the central station there's always those "weird suspicious people" loitering around. The Hotel Monopole was nice though! Near the station and very decent. Albeit small though but that's fine. I love their shower room! First activity we did there was going to the Pinacoteca Gallery and I didn't really take much away from the visit. It's nothing impressive tbh. And then it was the Milano Cathedral! OH WOW. Freaking impressive! I love how slim and grand it looks. With all the various gargoyles everywhere on it. It's truly a piece of work man. Afterwards was gelato at Vanilla Gelateria located near the Duomo! It's my first yummy Italian gelato. Approve!

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Feeling a little restless these days. Can't really point out what's wrong. But now that Korean classes has come to a halt due to travel plans, gotta come up with new activities to do! So far there's kickboxing class to start, baseball batting cage to try, rock climbing level 1 to attempt, tennis lesson to continue, trip to go next week, trips to plan or maybe just f* it and just plan a day before, brushing up on Japanese before trips, books to finish reading, financial planning to do and finally plans for the future.

Honestly the reason why I'm feeling so unsettled might be because I got so many things to do (laughs). Anyway this whole episode of feeling weird even makes me not active enough to make plans with friends to hang out. Sorry friends, but you must know I still love you all dearly. Plus my exercise schedule makes me tired too. Though I kinda hate admitting it. However because of my work schedule, I can only start my runs late. Plus having long hair is really a pain in the ass. It takes forever to dry, forever. Thus, with just 4-5hrs of sleep daily, how awesome can I feel lol. But! I'm probably at the fittest stage of my life in the past few years. I've never run so religiously before. I mean I do have a hiatus of like a week of no runs in between. However, so far it's been more frequent than ever before. Legs totally feels damn hard. I think I like them. Like all others, I have issues with my body. Like a yo-yo, my weight fluctuates up and down so easily (gaining weight easier than losing them, sad to say) And the only way I've seen my body lost weight in a period of short time is never by exercising, it's when events like food-poisoning or death of loved ones that make me lose my appetite for that moment. Each time that happens, 5kg goes away. Now that food-poisoning doesn't come knocking on my door (a bit morbid), exercises just seems to increase my weight. Thank god for the latest obsession with fitspo though, I feel better about my muscles! Nonetheless, still striving to eat in moderation. I can't help raging though snacks seriously. I have this passion for my chips. But lately I'm trying to incorporate more fruits and less fast food in my diet. Even oats okay, oh god oats. I never thought I'll ever touch oats again. The last time I did, I gagged through it. Now though, I found a way to enjoy it. Sounds miserable but it's still manageable. And.... that's all for the Thursday ramblings.

If you've read the entire wordy post, thanks for reading. Now you know I'm such an oddball. Maybe just like you. We are all weird in a certain way (:

And to myself,
Take your time, Slow down just a little.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Swim Diary

Swam like 50 mini laps a day and man I can't believe I used to learn butterfly stroke. I don't even dare to attempt it. probably will drown or have unmovable arms the next day. Need to practise holding my breathe longer underwater next time!