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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hello Japan! (Day 5)

Day 5
Last Day

Woke up at 0430am. Needed to catch the first shinkansen to Tokyo. Had my first bento! So cute right omg. I was skeptical about these boxed up food. But it actually taste decent! I think I got it for below 1000yen.

I thought I missed the sight of Fuji-San while on the Hikari train. (Please remember to ask for the window seat on the left side of the train!) But then, about 30-45mins before reaching Tokyo, I heard people snapping away! And THERE SHE IS! omg damn epic. I just "ohmygod" and faster whipped out my DSLR+ gopro and started snapping away. The view was just for a short while. Damn sad because it looks so beautiful! Sigh (blissful)

Still my favourite area in Tokyo, Shinjuku!

So once I reached Tokyo. Put my bags down at hotel. And proceed to Shinjuku Gyoen! It is such a pretty garden. Well, a massive garden actually. You can easily spend 4 or more hours there. But I was in a rush to go all around Tokyo. But even so, I spend about 2hrs there.

A sea of people just chilling happily.


So actually, it was pretty cold out there. Here's my gear of the day.
Honestly, carrying so many things around is such a fussy thing. I don't know how professionals do that. And I won't be trying that sort anytime soon. The current DSLR is more than I can handle. What with my gopro and polaroid cam and iphone?! I must be crazy.

Check out the Hanafubuki! Cherry Blossom storm is one of the best experience there. Raining flower petals really is indeed one of a kind. Mind blowing in fact.

Cute little ones posing like one hell of a professional. So cute! All of them.

しろい さくら

There and various sakura trees and plenty of spots for you to picnic under the superb view. It started raining while I'm moving off. Made a mad rush to the next stop.

Headed over to Harajuku for crepes (yes, again) and Diaso! I love Japan's Daiso so much. LoL

Oh yes, during weekends, all the popular areas in Japan is jammed packed with people. So be prepared.

Next, Ameyoko street at Ueno. I've heard so much about the cheap Japanese stall! And I'm not left disappointed. Look out for the red banners in kanji to find the store. It's not on the main stretch of Ameyoko, but towards the right alley.

Afterwhich, I went to Hamamatsucho! I never knew about the place until I stumbled upon a blog post about the views of the observatory there! It is, I would say, the best observatory so far. You can see Tokyo Tower and it's not tiny! Also, there's unobstructed views of the city plus seats and tables should you be waiting to watch the sunset. The perfect timing to go will be around 5.45pm-7pm. You can catch the transition of the city.

Lovely Sunset!

And finally I went back to Shinjuku. I love this place. So much shopping and food to do! you can't finish it in a day. Probably 2 days to be familiar with the area because there is many alleys. Check in to my hotel at the end of the day. Very decent for the location and there's a lot of things in a single room! Nishitetsu Inn Shinjuku. It's quite a bit of a distance from Shinjuku JR station. About 10-15mins walk.


Well that's all for my Japan Spring 2014 Trip!
Yes, I'm vaguely aware that I didn't even finish posting last summer's trip. But hey, at least this is done. HAH.

I'll post up the VLOG soon (: And perhaps do a brief summary/guide. Or maybe not. We'll see! Any questions relating to Japan I'll be more than happy to address.