Thursday, July 16, 2015

Europe 2014, Interlaken, Switzerland, Day 04

Day 4 // Morning walk and we stumbled upon a sheep farm! They are super SUPER adsorbs looking. Really last warning okay. Hahah. I love the fat ones especially. And this kind Japanese guy, who led us to them, gave us bread to feed them. SO CUTE.

To Interlaken Ost! We stayed at the Youth Hostel, right next to the station. Super convenient and clean! Right outside the station is the counter AlpinAir, where you can book summer activities. We got the paragliding one for 170chf on the spot. It takes about 1hr form pick up to landing. GUESS WHAT IT WAS M*FUCKING A BLAST! I thought there wouldn't be much kick to it. Since I did parasailing before. But paragliding is different. You run off a cliff and fly! My fly captain was so much fun. He gave me a roller coaster ride which I begged for. HAHA. But otherwise, it was not an extreme adrenalin rush. Nonetheless, a great great experience. Big love to Swiss! The beautiful glacier lake thun and briez was breathe taking. Magical turquoise colour is beyond what the photos can capture.

And also guess what, I spilled half a bottle of fizzy drink on my iPhone and gopro without waterproof housing. WORST NIGHTMARE EVER. I swear to god, never ever put your drinks with your gadgets and NEVER remove your waterproof housing. So depressing okay. I can't take pictures, have to buy 2kg of rice just to bury my phone and camera in it and keep worrying about them.

Anyway horrible incident aside, I bought some Victorinox Swissknife and carved names on it! Every other store sells Victorinox. But there's this particular store, by itself, a vintage store with unique roof called Swiss Knife Center?! It's somewhat in the middle between Interlaken Ost and East. They can engrave almost all the Swiss knife! Unlike others whereby they can only do it on selected models.

Interlaken Ost was where my gadgets died (sigh) 
Nonetheless, I think this country is the most beautiful one that I've been to!


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I'm only human afterall.

So you know that pain you feel in the small part of you when you see someone you used to have feelings for with someone else? I thought it wouldn't happen to me. But turns out I'm wrong. I don't really care if I misinterpreted the situation or not. If you didn't already know, we believe what we choose to believe. With this, it's safe to say it's high time to just move on. I don't think I can look at his photo without feeling a pang in my stomach. Life is a bit shittier on days like this. There isn't any strong sense of love left but more like sadness because of the good memories. Emotions are a bitch. Conquer it, I shall.

Moving on, I'm not usually like this. But I just came to stumble upon certain stuff today. Happy pie today isn't all that happy. Channeling all these energy to gym tomorrow.

One more thing, I think it's basic respect when someone says no, you take it as a no. I can't stand manipulative bastards. I'm easily swayed to be honest. There's many times I have to remind myself that I need to stand for myself. Having an independent mind is really way too sexy. And that's my goal.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Europe 2014, Wengen, Switzerland, Day 03

Pardon me, I take very long to update here! But anyway, most photos usually will be uploaded on Facebook first before I eventually put it up here.
So here goes!

Day 3: The day was one of the highlights of this trip! After much contemplation between the Schilthorn and Jungfrau (One of the many highest points/alps in Switzerland).We went for the Jungfrau one! I mean it's true that since we are here, we might as well do the highest mountain. And boy did I enjoyed myself but it wasn't easy getting up there! From Wengen, you have to change trains at Kleine Schedigg and then to Jungfrau. It costs about 160+chf for a return trip. But if you could, you can get the early tickets, meaning heading there and 7+am and it's cheaper. And I would guess that means lesser tourist too! Notice that at Kleine Schedigg you could actually hike up the mountains and there's caf├ęs too! The view is totally awesome. If I had the time, I probably will do some small hike up! We reached the Jungfrau at 11+am. And it was packing with tour groups! Oh god, nightmare. Many many people crowding around the souvenir shop! Well, you can buy winter wear there if you didn't come prepared. So fret not. I got a glove there for 19chf! Thank god I managed to layer my clothes and brought along a blanket throwover. So at Jungfrau, because of the high altitude, we got symptoms like nausea, headache and the heart beats much faster there. So be sure to do things slow and steady. I love the "snow fun" so much! You can head out to the top of the alps and touch the snow! Or roll around or whatever you want! Also, so much less tourist there. I love it so much! Only the ice was freezing, otherwise it's quite sunny up there so it's not too bad. The spinx has this Swiss flag! Good for photo-op. But otherwise filled with lots of tourist you'd want to avoid. We stayed at Jungfrau for about 3hrs. That is about enough for covering all. And I was positively freezing already so off we went!

PS selfies overload below

Till next time!
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