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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Racha Islands, Coral Island (Phuket)

Day 2 at sunny island Phuket!

 We went on a tour package which includes Full day tour of Racha/Raya Islands and Coral Island.
Cost about S$72/pax inclusive of pickup from our secluded resort. It's cheaper if you are from Kata/Patong/Karon area around S$60/pax instead. Use this info as your based rate! I've already done extensive research on prices there. 

Started our day with pretty sights and decent breakfast spread.

Honestly, I miss this place of absolute tranquility.
Always ending the day in the comfort of our canopy beds.

La Bay first up!
A short ride from Chalong Pier.

*cue ecstatic muffles from my mouth*

Look at the tiny ones!

No life jackets!

Breathing in human legs for a living.

Next we arrived at Patok Beach! (I think) Too much info a day to cramp in my head. I was just so taken aback with the wonderful sights.

Frolicking in the waters with my babe.
I swear the water is exactly like what you see here. Super magical looking!
I can sun-bathe here all day man.

I was the paparazzi for this "shoot" haha.

And we leave this piece of heaven to our next destination.
Coral Island.
Just a small island with relatively clear waters. But kinda overcrowded though.
Over here you can do parasailing, sea-walking, scuba-diving etc.


With the pretty Russian lady.

Over here at this bridge there was a group of guys. As I started sprinting down it, they started counting down "3, 2, 1" and I started dashing down it! This was all told to me by my friend who was behind me and heard the counting down. Hilarious much. Such a coincidence!

And back to hotel!
Check out the "public" bunnies. Cute right, but not sure if I can touch them a not.

Heading to our dinner by the pool.

Yummy green curry! I'm surprised. Ordered some alcoholic drinks which we couldn't finish.

With that we concluded our trip!
Click here for part 1 of our trip.


Things that I learnt this trip is the convenience of having waterproof footwear!
Love the F-troupe bathing shoes (get it at ASOS or Solestruck)

Really love Raya Island since Similan Islands are closed at this period of time.
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