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Saturday, April 11, 2015

For that traveler

"Traveling to a new place by yourself is your idea of a great time. You are always either planning a solo adventure, going on a solo adventure, or coming back from one. Experiencing the world through your own eyes without anybody else's opinion is not just a desire, it's an essential need of yours."

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Vlog: Our Winning Ticket To Boracay!


I enjoyed this trip and doing up this vlog especially! And I just realised I didn't do a proper post on my trip. Will get to it soon.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Travelogue: Phuket 2015 #hertravellingyears


First trip of the year to one of my favourite escapades. So I wanted to take up diving for quite a while and I'm so glad I took the leap of faith to this short adventure! Booked my diving course from PhuketDiveTour for 12,500Baht. Arrived at the airport and proceed to get a bus ticket for 300baht. It's damn hectic at the waiting area for the minibus. I learnt that you have to go all the way in the front and get the person's (allocating the bus) attention.

About 1.5hours later, checked into Ramada Phuket SouthSea. Personally, I love the place. Beachfront, decent clean rooms and the breakfast buffet is fantastic. However, receptionists service is pretty bad.Hotel is situated along Karon Beach and I've always love that beach compared to Kata or Patong. But I heard from my dive instructor that since the military coup, all beach umbrella and lounge-chairs are not allowed on the beach. Well, just bring your own mat then!

Day 1 of diving course was at confined waters. Theory was pretty sleep-inducing. And practise session was a little nerve wrecking? But hey, I completed all the skills I needed to do! Oh and I can't believe I had to float on water for 10mins as pre-skill test. So that was a little tiring. And halfway thru theory, the instructor rode us out via his bike to have lunch at Happy Days, Chalong. Pretty exciting to be on a bike okay. Albeit scary too! The tom yum kung at Happy Days was so good! Note that in Thailand you have to tell them you want really spicy then they will give it to you. I guess they don't think foreigners can handle spice well.

Day 2 was my first and second dive at Racha Noi! I can't say how I felt then. But everything was new and surprising. I remember Jon holding my hand/ guiding me 90% of the time. And equalising was a bitch. But everything was fine at the end.

Day 3, the last 2 qualifying dive plus a fun dive! I saw a sea turtle and a school of barracudas! I also swam through a cube and brought my GoPro down on the fun dive. But most importantly, being qualified is such a great feeling. The happiness after I surfaced from the 4th dive was undescribeable.

On the last day, spent my time chilling at the beach. Did some running and jumping jacks! Feels really good to be soaking up the sun and being in the water.

This trip was a really spiritual one. Just thinking about nothing, spending time with just yourself is just so peaceful. To the next trip!


The choices you make, do not regret. For everything happens for a reason.
Keep living.