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Friday, January 16, 2015

Word: Trips of 2015

About to embark on my first trip of the year!
Come to think of it, this year might be a pretty packed one. 
So far, 4 flights are booked! *mad excited*
But you know the dread that comes with it because my schedule is pretty pack? So yeah mix feelings now. Anyway, I'm looking for travel buddy!
Anyone wants to go to Norway, Canada, Barcelona or the likes?

Still thinking which countries I wanna head to.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Europe 2014, Day 2, Wengen


Day 2 // Bound for Wengen! I love this place so much. Not many tourist and it's at a high-enough altitude to be in the mountains. So for the first day we roamed around the mall and took a hike to the Stabb* Falls. It takes about 30mins from the center of the town to the falls. But along the way there were many scenic spots! I think we took like 1.5hrs to reach around the falls.  One thing though, daylight last really long here. Like the sunsets around 8plus and it get completely dark after 9pm. So you can head out to roam till your hearts content. Sunrises about 6am.

I've fallen in love with this place. The cool air and the surrounding. Pure Gold.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year

HAPPY 2015!

I guess it's a right day to write a new year post because after yesterday. Here's my thoughts.

Don't do shit for people who don't respect you. Yes, I'm gonna start taking this seriously because honestly, I haven't done anything evil to anyone. And enough of all my kindness to such people because they sure don't deserve it.

More adventures in the new year. It's time to head somewhere new this year and explore more of my self and of the beautiful world. I've got 3-4 confirmed trips and waiting to add more!

Last year I promised to get a certification in Japanese. I wanted to do the JLPT but I guess I got too complacent. Hey, at least I completed my basics and had a cert for that! This year would be to tackle Korean. It is more interesting to me now because of my slight obsession to the K world. Heh.

I'll probably restart Japanese hopefully by end of this year, or maybe next. Depending on my level of interest! Kanji is so not easy.

I've said this many times but yeah, I wanna read more books too this year! There's something about reading books, seriously. Everyone should read more. And thanks to my 3 year bookstore card from my friends, I'm sure I'll be heading there more often! Totally love going there.

And finally, I intend to show more love to the ones who deserves it and to the people who I care for.

To a better new year and a better person.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Shoe Review: Nike Roshe Run

Have you heard or seen any of these highly raved kicks lately? Yes, Nike has come up with the comfiest shoe till date. The Roshe Run or Rosherun. Good thing about this is that it comes in a wide variety of gorgeous design (locally limited though), broad toe area for comfy wear, elevated heel and removeable insoles. I can literally walk hours in this.

Although I find that the design can be more narrow on the front for sleeker look, it absolutely is the comfiest sneakers I've ever worn. Beating out the Nike Air Max or New Balance 574. Adore the added height it gives me.

Price ranges from SGD$99 to $169
Buy it from Nike stores or Isetan Dept Store locally
Or online stores such as

Sunday, December 14, 2014




I guess I should stop imposing my ideals on people. Like what I deem important is not to the others. Like for example, taking photos of every moment is important to me. But for others, they do not feel that way or remember that I like it that way. So I really need to be more patient and understanding. No more nonsense behaviour from me.

I do not know what I want yet. So let's just do what I've been doing. Conversations with strangers are easier now overseas and I think that is because of all the travelling I've been doing. I hope more experiences abroad will have an even greater improvement in holding a conversation!

Everyone has their own faults, including myself. So let's just forgive each other and learn to understand and let go. Especially to my family. However, some people who haven't grown the shit up, well, good luck to you in the society.

No matter how close you were with someone before, things can change. Maybe with partners you can do what you please, but for friends I think there should always be a mutual decision. I've grown so much since before, and cutting ties from such people is unwanted but needed to.

I also learned that setting resolutions don't work very well at all. I guess one has to do what they gotta do when the time comes. Hopefully I can faster sign on to my Korean language class next year! And perhaps advance my Japanese language skills?! Not too sure though, because the Chinese characters or Kanji is killing me so much. ohgod.

As for him, I fall in love each time I see him again.

I guess life is good so far. To the uncertainties ahead and to the courage to conquer more adventures.


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2014 Round Up!

Who doesn't look forward to THE annual sale of the year!
Personally I've gotten stuff from Soletruck, ASOS and UO.
Can't wait to receive those parcels X

Meanwhile here is the lowdown of this year's event.

- The pre-annual sales starts from Friday to Sunday. With 30%, 40% and 50% off sale shoes respectively!
- Cyber Monday sees a storewide 20% off all shoes

- 50% off selected black clothings and items
- Cyber Monday, 50% off selected clothings and items

- Black Friday, Less 30% sitewide
- Cyber Monday, Less 30% + Free Shipping!

- Black Friday, Storewide Less 20% for 3 days

- Cyber Monday, Less 15%, 20% and 25% off min spend $250, $500 and $1000 respectively

- Cyber Monday, Up to less 40% off orders above $350! + Free Shipping(US) + $25 Gift Code or less 25% off orders above $150 + Free Shipping (US) + $15 Gift Code

It's still not too late to get shopping for christmas!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

5 reasons to go to Ariel's Point

here's me on the highest plank at 15m!
  1. Cliff diving. Needless to say, that is the no. 1 thing on people's mind when they are headed there. From 3m to 15m of diving plank boards. Pick the one you are comfortable with. I've done quite a few adventures in my live and this one takes the cake. No ones pushes you down, you have to pluck out your courage from God knows where and take the leap of faith. I won't recommend jumping the 15m one because it can be dangerous. But it was all in all an experience so I'll just take it with me. Remember that this is an extremely dangerous sport. May lead to bruises and things worse. So jump straight as a pencil or just google how to do cliff diving. I wished I had known that fact!

  2. Kayaking. I'm did kayaking for the first time there and absolutely love it. Even a good 15-30mins row makes you feel good! Looking out towards the boundless sea is an incredible feeling. There's snorkeling gears too. But I wouldn't recommend it as there was just zero marine life to see underwater.

  3. It's party time every minute. I repeat, PARTY TIME. With constant booze and head banging music. The good vibes are contagious. The place is just a gorgeous postcard location. Everyone is mostly friendly too! Non alcoholic friends make choose good o' water or coke.

  4. Adventure ferry ride. It takes 45mins to and fro Ariel's point from Station 1 Boracay. The journey back was insane. Why? The waves were so rough, we all ended up getting drenched. Like really head to toe all wet. But I believe we were happily drenched though. Because the situation was too absurd. Some were drinking their rum coke with added ingredients like "sea water" in the mix. You can check out the video I did and there's a scene on how absurd the situation on the boat was!

  5. Super scenic place. If you could tell from the pictures, the waters around Ariel's Point were glistening under the sun. Everywhere was like a photo spot. I was too engross in doing the jump that I didn't take much pictures of the place! But anyway it's alright to just head there to chill and perhaps return back to shore with an intact body.

Ariel's Point
Book from Ariel's House/Boracay Beach Club at Station 1
2,000php/S$58 per person
Depart 11.30am Back 5pm
Food and Drinks provided