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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hello Japan! (Day 1)

Day 1

A must to have my wifi on the go! Collected it at Narita Terminal 2. Very fast process!

First Train via JR Pass.

Reached Narita at 10.30am and it takes about an hour over to exchange the JR pass from the exchange office. The queue is too long! I guess it's peak season hence there's a flood of tourist eh? Last summer wasn't this bad.

By the way, the JR Pass is so amazing. The convenience of it is worth the money. No need to buy tickets for every single trip, Going pass the gates fast. Cutting through the terminals is a breeze. Except you'll have to reserve seats for NEX and the Shinkansen to guarantee a seat! I got it from JTB over at Singapore. Oh yes, I missed my train before and all I did was to present my JR Pass and they issue me the next available ticket. 

Welcome to Takeshita-Dori!
Onward from Narita - Harajuku for my first stop. (approx 90mins) Deposited my luggage at the station. Small lockers are 300yen and big ones are 500yen.

Ahhh my beloved crepe! I'm not exaggerating that one of the reason why I'm at Japan is just to eat crepe. Yupp, it is THAT awesome. Mixed berries cheesecake crepe (400+yen) from Angel Hearts.

Rushed over to Ueno. Seriously, it's like the opposite of the line from Harajuku. But I really wanted to see sakura! Hence, how even though it's a hassle to travel to and fro. All is worth it! Check out the photos.

Strong winds and a split fringe. Haha.
All bundled up! Tokyo is really cold with harsh sunlight though. Sort of a good weather!?

Jammed packed with humans and trees with the whitest and pinkest flowers. Mind-blowing actually. I never actually thought I'll be very much interested in sakura. Because mainly I'm not a nature-nature person. After this trip, it's safe to say I love sakuras!

Hello, a bit too many people okay.

So so gorgeous.

Little did I know that these are the full bloom everyone is talking about! So lucky to catch it!

Manage to snap a couple of photos and gotta rush to catch the Shinkansen to Kyoto. It takes about 2-3hrs. Reached around 8pm and found my ryokan. It's not memorable enough to talk about it. So I'll skip it. It's better in hotels and backpackers. 

Oh by the way, Japan is really cold this season. I have to put on 2 jackets and even so, it's still freezing!


Day 2 in Kyoto soon!

Travelogue: Kyoto/Tokyo Spring 2014

Hello guys!

I'm back from my recent trip to see the sakuras! And this time round I'll be more efficient with doing up the blog posts. Yes yes, I know I have not completed my previous summer trip to Japan. I'll do so one day! Maybe before its officially summer in Japan.

Right now, I'll start doing up the Spring posts. I typed out my blog post on my flight back from Tokyo to Singapore. It took me like 1-2hrs?! Hardworking a not. Oh and I cut down a lot of photos! Because it's mainly all flowers and I'll just need some spectacular ones to show you only. So those would do!

Okay check back soon ya!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cont' Day 4 Hakone

So anyway, I suddenly recalled I haven't blogged about Day 4-8 of my Japan trip and yes it is long overdue. Like it's been 7 months?! And I'm going back again really soon! Excited much. So yes, let's continue shall we. Click the tags below "Japan" and you'll find the rest of my post.

Continuing Day 4; Owakudani/Hakone and Hakone Jinja

Photos from this post are taken using my iPhone 4. Very poor quality. But the camera battery died halfway! Bummer. But we have no choice yea.

Look at THAT perfect egg.
I love hard boiled eggs so so much!

Me, looking like a boy. Weather on top was super unbearable. I have to bundle my hair into my hat.

We made our way to Owakudani via cable car and boy was I excited. I wanted to eat those black eggs so badly! according to sources, those kuro-tamago(black egg) supposedly increase your lifespan (+7 years) Of course you're not suppose to take it seriously. But it makes it more fun to eat. The sulphur eggs come in packets of 5 and comes with packet of salt as dips. SO YUMMY! maybe I'm hungry, but I love the eggs!

Owakudani has sulphur points and it can get really hot. There's stairs up to see the sulphur water and I was sweating just to get there! That being said. The view was pretty breathe-taking. I love the color of the hills. There's also a store there that sells hello-kitty collab stuff with the kuro-tamago and also some Fuji-San merchandise.

This place looks straight out from a Japanese story book.

Next! We continued with the cable car ride followed by a ship ride to get to the Hakonemachi-ko for the Hakone Jinja! The ride was pretty memorable. Too bad Fuji-San was hiding from our sights.

Made our way to the temple and we were greeted by rows and rows of hydrangeas! So gorgeous. It's amazing why these pretty flowers are on the streets #onlyinjapan

I love the quiet route to the shrine. Also, those huge tori gates are one of my favorite sites!
I don't have a clear photo of those tori gates. Cause photos taken in dimly lit areas tend to be very grainy! Doesn't do the place justice.

Left the place really late and I thought we would get stranded over there. thankfully not! I think we got lucky and managed to catch the last bus out of Hakone.


All in all, you need at least 2 full days to get a full taste of Hakone.
It was a pretty tight one-day trip. But I'm glad I went there nonetheless!